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Stellar work performace


Stellar work performance and seamless collaboration make what could be your average clinic-not so average. We’re so proud of the clinicians on our staff. Even moreover the enthusiasm with the patients they’ve assisted through their journeys.

How have they help to you or your loved ones swim for the sun?

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Broadway Kids Academy

If your kiddo is a fan of the performing arts and you have yet to hear about Broadway Kids Academy-please do yourself and your child a favor by heading over to their website today to see their upcoming show schedule as well as their preparatory planning in regards to upcoming auditions!  Swim for the sun in more ways than one and participate.

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Deep Cleaning Friday’s


We spend every Friday scrubbing the floors, washing the walls, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the chairs, wiping down each employee’s desk, etc. it creates the routine of coming into work to a consistent, clean environment. We all benefit from this, even Brisbane! Here, we caught him sitting by the step stool in the waiting room during deep cleaning Fridays helping out out staff🐶!

We’re really not your average clinic.

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