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Dads Only Support Groups!


FEAT of Southern Nevada is one of the best Organizations in Las Vegas when it comes to family, caregiver, and individualized support groups created for those who need them most. Just recently announced for 2018- the new schedule for DAD’S ONLY.  Here, you’re able to effectively communicate with Dad’s sharing common situations to your own-sharing resources, even participate in outings and events…children included! For more information on what to look forward to, or if you have any questions please contact Matt at: or Allen at:!  Below is the 2018 meeting dates- we look forward to seeing you and your family!!

  • February 23rd, Jackpots from 6 pm-8 pm
  • March 17th, St. Patrick’s Parade 10 am and more details to be determined
  • April 21st, The A Games from 9 am-4 pm (Seriously guys, you aren’t going to want to miss this!)
  • May 26th, Dad’s Parent Night Out Poker Tournament (location and times to be determined)
  • June 19th , Our Families Country Cafe (dinner with the kids at 6 pm)
  • July (no meetings/off)
  • August 24th, Jackpots starting at 6 pm and going til 8 pm
  • September, bowling with the kids (The date, time and location of the event are to be determined)
  • October, Dad’s Poker Tournament (date, time and location still have yet to be determined)
  • November and December, Dad’s will volunteer at the FEAT Parent Night Out Events and moms can shop for the holidays!!

As always, we’re right here to sponsor and support. We hope to see you there on the 23rd of next month!

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Rec & Roll


Not only can rest assured with the knowledge that your child is out with friends, at a local movie, or enjoying a game of bowling, safe and sanely.  You’re getting the groceries tackled, possibly catching up on work and hey!- maybe you even have time to sneak a movie in yourself.  Thanks to the Rec & Roll program from Therapeutic Recreation and Inclusion Services offered by the city of Henderson.  Here, your children can flourish even unleash their hidden potential with this grand opportunity the city of Henderson is offering families.  Young adults with disabilities are able to enjoy this program any day after their school and they’ll be introduced to all new activities to help improve social skills, financial independence as well as hygiene and so much more.  Call to inquire about their appointment availability for intake- the fee is $10 day (respite accepted) and program hours are from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm Monday- Friday.

(702) 267-4065 All this and more can be found at:

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FEAT of Southern Nevada Support Groups

We speak about FEAT of Southern Nevada often.  It is because we both have a shared vision of the importance of supporting this community.  Do you know of a family considering a group home?  Possibly a friend with a child on the spectrum looking for government assistance?  Perhaps you or someone you know is looking for a support group, well we have again chosen to sponsor the monthly support groups for FEAT.

Our company’s core values demand that we demonstrate our commitment to the community we serve.  We walk the walk and talk the talk.  Below is a list of support groups for 2018, these are to take place on the first Thursday of each month beginning at 7:00 pm and ending at 8:30 pm.  Where?  7055 Windy St Las Vegas, NV 89119.

  • February 1st

  • March 1st

  • April 5th

  • May 3rd

  • June 7th

  • July 5th

  • August 2nd

  • September 6th

  • October 4th

  • November 1st

  • December 6th

Join us every month for the most up to date information and resources for parents, caregivers, or interested party’s. Please see our Outreach staff for more information on how we are able to provide you the means to achieve. We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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First the Routine, then the Habit.

When your children have a greater understanding of what your standards and expectations are-then, it makes it that much more rewarding to achieve them.

Take playing with your blocks as an example. This is a great opportunity to not only teach your child to pick up his/her toys after they’ve finished playing- but also, teaches them how to achieve short term goals. For some, a messy pile of blocks wouldn’t be bothersome but to others it could be overwhelming due to a lack of knowing where to begin. Assist your loved one, show them how you would tackle the job at hand, like which blocks you would put away first.

When you’re able to make small steps (like putting away blocks) toward a mutual goal (like keeping your room clean) it makes achieving that goal so much more enjoyable. If you create the routine, you’ll create the habit. Providing the means to achieve, we’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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FlipNOut Xtreme!

Have you heard of FlipNOut Xtreme? If you’ve become too familiar with the hourly birthday clowns and backyard scattered with remnants of your child’s pinata attack, look no further than FlipNOut Extreme. FEAT of Southern Nevada is holding their very own holiday event there and they are inviting you to join them for a “Flippin’ Good Time” on December 14th at 4245 S Grand Canyon from 5 pm-7:30 pm. You can RSVP directly from their event page on Facebook:
Also, we can’t forget to remind you of their Spanish Family Support Group happening the following day from 10 am-11:30 am!
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