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Dance for Parkinson’s


Contact Patricia Monreal for a ‘Dance for Parkinson’s’ class offered at 1798 Wigwam Pkwy in Henderson every 1st, 3rd, and 4th Thursday of the month! After all, are there ever enough resources for sufferers of Parkinson’s? We think not.

For more information visit: We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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Staying Safe in the Summer: 7 Tips for Seniors


Not only is it important that adults take extra care of themselves in these high temperatures, it’s vital. We couldn’t help but share this info graphic from showcasing 7 tips for seniors to stay safe this summer! Spreading awareness on how best to take care of yourself in the heat, we’re definitely #NotYourAverageClinic

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Welcome Diana!

At Sfs therapies we understand how uneasy transitioning into a new job can be and we pride ourselves for using every opportunity to connect and engage with our new team members. We are so pleased to welcome our new Front Office Scheduler Diana! Please make sure to introduce yourself when you see her around the office!

She’s swimming for the sun in more ways than one by helping us as well as our patients find the best opportunities for their schedule, and ours. She’s #NotYourAverageScheduler

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Masters with the Master

The staff employed by the school district and the clinicians on staff here at Sfs differ in many ways, most notably “ALL” of the Clinicians on staff at Sfs have their Masters degree in Speech, Language, and Communication. In celebration of back to school month, and in addition to the services you may already be receiving from CCSD-Our own Clinicians wanted to assist in engaging your child’s vocabulary. Even if you’re finding your child is using a minimum of three words, find fun in making those three words count! It’s possible that (although sequential word building is important) words like “if, and, but, because” won’t instill importance since they are not directly related with something your child finds important. Instead, try saying and repeating words that matter to your child like “candy”, or “dinosaur”. Children are guaranteed to learn words like these 10 times faster because “car” matters when attempting to describe their favorite toy or solicit a drive to the park. We’re looking forward to sharing back-to-school tips with you all August long. Stay tuned or more! We’re swimming for the sun in more ways than one by sharing our insider secrets-how are YOU swimming? #BackToSchoolMonth

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Honor Flight Southern Nevada

Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t until 2004 that the memorial for WW II hit the mark of completion. There are more and more seniors who are unable to witness or make the trip to see the memorial as they were already in their early 80’s in 2004 as it was finishing up. Honor Flight Southern Nevada is making it possible for these veterans to fly to not only see these sites free of charge, doing so safely escorted. Call them today and inquire of their September trip (happening from the 7th to the 9th): (702) 749-5912. They take flight in October as well and availability won’t last long! Visit for more!

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