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Senior Medicare Patrol of Southern Nevada

Hey, Who is that on the phone with your Mother offering her discounted Medicare coverage or asking her for her social security number?  It’s extremely unfortunate when our parents have gotten ill in later years or developed a disease- and all you want is to ensure their maximum independence- calls like this, happening when you’re not around, can be bothersome to say the least.  Nevada SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol of Southern Nevada) empowers seniors to prevent Health care fraud not only to avoid being caught in a scam, but also to retain the confidence within themselves to stand up for what isn’t right.

Contact SMP today to gain insight on what they are able to provide the seniors within our community. (702) 486-3403

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Wellness Symposium

If you or someone you know and love has been affected by Parkinson’s, find the crucial information you require here. In addition to our pals over at “Friends of Parkinson’s”, there will be numerous organizations to help answer your questions and concerns!

Join Pacifica Senior Living San Martin, Healthsouth, Medtronic and more Saturday February 24th from 9 am-3 pm at Roseman University (11 Sunset Way Henderson, NV 89104). You are also welcome to call and inquire for more information!

(702) 381-4141 or visit their website:

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Rec & Roll


Not only can rest assured with the knowledge that your child is out with friends, at a local movie, or enjoying a game of bowling, safe and sanely.  You’re getting the groceries tackled, possibly catching up on work and hey!- maybe you even have time to sneak a movie in yourself.  Thanks to the Rec & Roll program from Therapeutic Recreation and Inclusion Services offered by the city of Henderson.  Here, your children can flourish even unleash their hidden potential with this grand opportunity the city of Henderson is offering families.  Young adults with disabilities are able to enjoy this program any day after their school and they’ll be introduced to all new activities to help improve social skills, financial independence as well as hygiene and so much more.  Call to inquire about their appointment availability for intake- the fee is $10 day (respite accepted) and program hours are from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm Monday- Friday.

(702) 267-4065 All this and more can be found at:

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Oakey Assisted Living By: Destinations

As we welcome our later years we never can receive enough assistance and support to assist us on our journey. That is why we cannot say enough wonderful things about Oakey Assisted Living- where residents are able to discover a fresh outlook on life and feel peaceful and relaxed.

“There are outdoor activities, and we can sign up for field trips on certain times of the month. I would highly recommend this place because it is a beautiful environment, and it is very peaceful. They make me feel at home.” -Oakey Resident

Call today to inquire about their exceptional array of services! Including but not limited to: 24-hour full assisted care, individual personalized care plans, medication monitoring and management, personalized laundry services, a wonderful wellness center equipped with friendly, knowledgeable and licensed nurses as well as on-site home health! (702) 258-7572

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First the Routine, then the Habit.

When your children have a greater understanding of what your standards and expectations are-then, it makes it that much more rewarding to achieve them.

Take playing with your blocks as an example. This is a great opportunity to not only teach your child to pick up his/her toys after they’ve finished playing- but also, teaches them how to achieve short term goals. For some, a messy pile of blocks wouldn’t be bothersome but to others it could be overwhelming due to a lack of knowing where to begin. Assist your loved one, show them how you would tackle the job at hand, like which blocks you would put away first.

When you’re able to make small steps (like putting away blocks) toward a mutual goal (like keeping your room clean) it makes achieving that goal so much more enjoyable. If you create the routine, you’ll create the habit. Providing the means to achieve, we’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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