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Coming Together as a Community


Though we’ve moved on to the next chapter of 2017 saying hello to November- we cannot forget the lives taken and the families affected on that tragic night of October 1st. Now, we need to be stronger than ever- Vegas Strong. If you or someone you know and care for has been grieving from this devastating event Infinity Hospice Care is here for you.

Join them @ Infinity Hospice Care Campus every Tuesday from 4pm to 5:30p for support group sessions and bereavement counseling. Any questions or if you’re interested in more information please, reach out to them at (702) 880-7002. Continuing to come together as a community to provide others with the support necessary to achieve closure and guidance at a steady and customized pace.

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Ensuring the Safety of your Loved Ones

You’ve been going through the motions of life but now that you come to think of it, you haven’t spoken to your parents lately and it’s becoming apparent how far on the back burner they’ve been on your priority list. What if they’ve fallen down or something’s happened and they require assistance? Ease your mind with a click of a button with Happie Home!

Happie Home takes remote monitoring to the next level offering a multitude of features like: -overseeing the movement in each room of your loved ones home -Video doorbell surveillance – Informing you in real-time of any blood pressure, temperature or pulse rate adjustments -alerting you if your loved one has forgotten to take their medication and so so much more!


With Happie Home you’re seeing the benefits of what it means to be H-elping A-ll P-eople P-romote I-ndependence E-verday! By the technological assistance support, as well as efficient communication-Cleveland Clinic, AARP, Healthy Brains and other amazing organizations have made it possible to assist in expanding the already extensive list of features.

If you’ve been contemplating alternative living solutions for someone you care for- find peace of mind today with Happie Home. Ask about their veteran offers and more @ or dial (702) 997-8600. You are also able to inquire through

Ensuring your patients stay healthy and safe as well as extending the independence of their life…finally a giving and caring system for Caregivers and families everywhere.

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Improve the Safety of your Swallow

SFS Therapies is proud to announce our newest service offered!  As of the month of October, we now offer Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBSS) for the complete evaluation of swallowing disorders!

Modified Barium Swallow Studies are the most effective way of diagnosing a swallowing disorder (dysphagia).  Now partnering with Steinberg Diagnostics, our speech pathologists will be able to take an inside look at your mouth and throat to fully diagnose your possible dysphagia.  MBSS uses an x-ray machine to be able to see the muscles and cartilages of your throat.

Patients are asked to eat and drink different consistencies mixed with barium (a substance that can be visualized on x-ray machines), while the speech pathologist assesses the swallow.  The best part is that this outpatient evaluation is FAST and results are ready immediately!  Recommendations regarding ways to improve the safety of your swallow, as well as possible therapy, will be discussed with you immediately following the evaluation.

A Modified Barium Swallow Study may be recommended if you feel you have a swallowing disorder.

If you have difficulty eating or drinking, feel that foods/drinks are going “down the wrong pipe”, or feel food “getting caught” in your throat, call SFS Therapies today for a complete assessment of your swallowing abilities.  We are constantly growing and improving to best serve the people of the Las Vegas Valley. We are #NotYourAverageClinic.

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Memories Matter. Don’t lose them.

In Preparation of Alzheimer awareness in November we wanted to launch a community-wide campaign to showcase the importance of making memories and cherishing the quality time we have left with our loved ones.

If you or someone you love has been affected by this dreaded disease please, share your story with us.  Upload a memory with the hashtag #MemoriesMatter and SFS Therapies will enter you into our “Memories Matter, don’t lose them” campaign for a chance to have your story featured on our website!


Providing the means to achieve as well as helping validity of the mind go viral- we’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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Living in the Moment.

It’s a hustling and bustling life. You pack the lunches, set out the outfits, keep your ear out for the morning news, all while keeping tabs on your children. You’re grabbing your coffee, loading your car for your lengthy commute and you’re coming to the realization that you’re just “going through the motions”. When was the last time you felt present in the moment?


Are you finding yourself waking up tired even with an adequate 8 hours of sleep? Did you notice the busy birds dancing over the street lights above you? Mindfulness is the ability to live in the present moment and focusing your attention to a specific task.  It’s a state of being that you should feel perfectly content with- living right here, right now, accepting that and moving on.


When we practice mindfulness we aren’t only improving our attitudes and behaviors but in conjunction with our physical and psychological well-being. Our Clinician Miss Rachel is all about mindfulness.  Take a look at how it’s helping Issac to engage in his therapy exercises!  We’re #NotYourAverageClinic.

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