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Las Vegas Veterans Listen UP!

Next Saturday, January 13th there will be a quarterly Town Hall meeting as well as a Veterans Resource Fair (starting at 10:00 am and lasting until 3:00 pm).  This is a great event for affected families looking to find out more information. Choose from a multitude of Federal, State and Local Agencies and Community Partners who are here to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Happening next Saturday at North Las Vegas Medical Center Auditorium located at 6900 North Pecos Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89086.

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Bright Star Care Las Vegas


Bright Star Care Las Vegas has you completely covered when it comes to home care services for your family.

Not only do they offer compassionate in-home assistance to make the most of your quality time with your loved one, they offer bathing, grooming, feeding services- even transitional services for sufferers of recent traumatic brain injuries or in search of other recovery needs!

Look at their website today and see how Bright Star Care Las Vegas can assist and support your family through your journey:

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Coming Together as a Community


Though we’ve moved on to the next chapter of 2017 saying hello to November- we cannot forget the lives taken and the families affected on that tragic night of October 1st. Now, we need to be stronger than ever- Vegas Strong. If you or someone you know and care for has been grieving from this devastating event Infinity Hospice Care is here for you.

Join them @ Infinity Hospice Care Campus every Tuesday from 4pm to 5:30p for support group sessions and bereavement counseling. Any questions or if you’re interested in more information please, reach out to them at (702) 880-7002. Continuing to come together as a community to provide others with the support necessary to achieve closure and guidance at a steady and customized pace.

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Swallow Evaluations

A Modified Barium Swallow Study is an accurate evaluation of the way a person swallows. Fluoroscopic (live moving images) and x-rays are taken while the patient swallows different consistencies of food and liquids which contain barium as a contrast material. MBS studies allow our clinicians to make the proper assessment of your swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) which may include aspiration (food or liquids entering the windpipe and reaching the level below the vocal cords).


After the evaluation is complete, our speech-language pathologist analyzes the results and interprets their findings. If necessary they will make diet and therapy recommendations to you in the form of a “plan of care”. SFS now offers MBS studies… Please call to inquire about this service: (702) 979-4268 Varied and specialized therapy services, a modern and upgraded location, adorable facility puppies, and a staff of highly certified clinicians…how could you argue- We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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Austrailian Heelers are Therapeutic Healers

Australian Blue Heelers are a very loyal, strong, playful and a hardworking breed.  Did you know their breed is listed as one of the top breeds for intelligence?  They require intense mental and physical stimulation or they will become destructive..

If given firm and consistent training from the beginning, along with daily activity, the Australian Blue Heeler will become a wonderful and happy dog. Heelers also make excellent Animal-Assisted Therapy dogs!  We love having them around the facility to keep our patients and staff company!  We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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