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The ABC’s of Special Needs Planning

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for The ABC’s of Special Needs Planning at UNLV from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm. This informative workshop touches on ABLE Accounts, Budget and Transition Planning, Power of Attorney and so much more.

To rsvp for the event please contact: or call 702-368-3328.

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The Lion King Comes to Vegas!


For those “Performing Arts” lovers out there-you are NOT going to want to miss The Lion King at the Smith Center this November! As an extra show of support to our families affected by autism and other special needs, and IN ADDITION to this being a sensory friendly event, ticket prices are at a one time only discounted rate and are extremely affordable!! Make sure to get your seats now, they’re going fast!

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The Space LV

We are so excited to spread the word about a business called ‘The Space’ and an event they put on twice a month called MONDAYS DARK. The mission for this event is to raise over 10k in 90 minutes. The space brings in local celebrities, athletes, chefs and so much more for a fun packed full studded variety show and all proceeds benefit the featured charity.

This week Monday’s Dark supported the Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter in a much anticipated Madonna themed show! Our Outreach department couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved. Thank you to The Space LV for a fun filled night, glad we were able to witness the generosity! #SwimForTheSunInMoreWaysThanOne

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Little Lemons


Providing the means to achieve through ABA Therapy services delivered straight to your door-little lemons is doing great things with the little minds and big futures in our community. Find the resources you desire by visiting or by calling (321) 443-9191.

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Game Changers and Deal Breakers

The Front Office Staff at a medical facility can either be a game changer, or a deal breaker. Being able to listen to a patients needs while communicating in a confident manner is absolutely vital. We know we never have to worry when our Office Manager Sandra is up in the front conducting a new patient registration. She swims for the sun in more ways than one by being friendly as well as efficient!

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