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#NationalTrainYourBrainDay was established to inspire people from all over to expand and train their brain and uncover their hidden potential. There are a countless number of ways to train your mind and improve your cognitive skills such as: reading, word puzzles, number games, brain teasers, trivia games, riddles and word games!


We can’t get enough of this photo from 2013 of Mr. B and his patient staying focused while getting ready for the Halloween season! #FlashbackFriday

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Expressive Language

Children that suffer from an expressive language disorder may experience issues with any of the following:

• Fixed vocabulary
• Saying “there” or “that” instead of describing an item like “the chair” or “below the table”
• Trouble with describing what something looks like, or where something is
• Meager/minimal grammar
• Limited/ inadequate sentences
• Hard time telling stories
• Hard time trying to convey a message or idea to someone else

Are you noticing a limitation in your child’s vocabulary or their ability to create sentences? Speak to one of our Clinicians today and see how Sfs Therapies can provide the means to achieve for you and your family! We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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Practice, Participation, and Progress feat. Miss Allie

I had a wise professor in graduate school once tell me, “Home practice is so important. Patients see their clinicians for maybe an hour per week, but they are home the rest of the time.  Just think of how much progress could be made at home!”


Caregivers can sometimes be overwhelmed by the idea of home practice.  It is often assumed that home practice means sitting at the dining room table every night, practicing word after word for an hour.  This just isn’t the case!  Home practice doesn’t have to be difficult or burdening, or even structured!  It can be integrated into everyday activities!  Going to the grocery store?  Have your loved one help create the shopping list and practice saying food items.  Driving? Encourage your loved one to read the directions.  Cooking dinner?  Ask your loved one to help you with the recipe. Watching the news?  Discuss current events.

Any activity can be turned into an opportunity to support language and make progress towards goals.  Talk to our clinicians today about ways to integrate speech therapy into the home!  Practice.  Participation.  Progress.


Providing you the means to achieve as well as insights from our very own Miss Allie!  We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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Caregiver Burnout

When you are a caregiver to a patient, the amount of stress that indirectly affects your life can be overwhelming. You may not realize it at first, but putting your all into caring for another person can cause your “full” tank of gas to run on empty.

Sfs Therapies offers therapeutic solutions for those affected by the burnout.  Call our office today and see how our Clinicians can assist you: (702) 979-4268.


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Back to school season doesn’t have to be hectic

The back-to-school season doesn’t have to be hectic.  Say hello early before the school year begins.  It’s never a bad idea to set aside some time to meet and greet the key people in your child’s school for the upcoming year.  Greetings and social interactions are such a big focus of the work we do.  Yet we take this action for granted.  Consistent communication with the school is essential, not just during the school year.

Make arrangements to visit the school before it opens.  Practice the combination of the lockers.  Obtain a schedule of school events, both curricular and extracurricular. Of course, it is best to start with small requests before asking for the big favors as the year continues on (things like helping with packing their lunch for the day, being alert when class is about to start, or managing a difficult classmate).

Once you find the school professionals are good listeners then you can begin to explain the uniqueness of your child.  Back-to-school season doesn’t have to be hectic!


Providing you with the means to achieve, We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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