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Stellar work performance


Stellar work performance and seamless collaboration make what could be your average clinic-not so average. We’re so proud of the clinicians on our staff. Even moreover the enthusiasm with the patients they’ve assisted through their journeys.

How have they help to you or your loved ones swim for the sun?

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Touro University Nevada


Located near the Auto Show Mall in Henderson- The Health Center at Touro University is now accepting new patients! Better yet, they accept most insurances as well, including Medicaid and Medicare! Call them today to inquire of their availability- (702) 777-4809 or visit their website at

(photo courtesy of Touro University Nevada – Touro College)

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Importance of Creative Expression

When children learn that they are in control of what they draw, paint, or color and that they are the ones giving power to the paintbrush, their ability to maneuver wrist, fingers and hands has the ability to improve! Assessing how many pieces there are of something (like a puzzle) teaches our children math. When they play with various textures and materials, they are in turn experimenting with certain forms of science.

The most pivotal role of all of art, is the ability to see first hand what you are capable of creating, thus supplying you with the confidence necessary to propel yourself forward.

Swim for the sun in more ways than one and create something with someone you love today. #WorldWatercolorMonth #CraftsWithMissK

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