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Neuro Restorative Nevada


Neuro Restorative Nevada has a variety of rehabilitation and community-based services focused on improving the life of those suffering from neurological challenges. Being in the center of our valley, Neuro Restorative offers convenient access to community hospitals as well as specialized physicians. In addition to supported living programs, and 24 hour support and assistance, they offer an array of services based on the needs and goals of each program participant including (but not limited to) occupational therapy, physical therapy, fitness and wellness services- even assistance with transportation! Give them a call today and see how they are prepared to support and guide your rehabilitation journey.


(800) 743-6802 or visit

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Music Therapy Respite



Relax, refresh and rejuvenate with Music Therapy Respite at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health’s Feinberg Education Center every Wednesday from 1:15pm-2:45pm!

Led by board certified and licensed music therapist Becky Wellman. PhD, LPMT,MT-BC participants experience opportunities designed to: -Improve your movement and coordination -Improve your happiness and decrease your stress or anxiety levels -Offer solutions for better memory recall and so much more!

Questions? Call today! (702) 778-6702

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Beyond Support Empowerment Circle

Beyond Support Empowerment Circle provides a confidential space where Military and Veteran caregivers (the hidden heroes) can converse with each other and share stories without fear of judgment or being ignored.

Here you can rest assure your questions and concerns will be heard. The goal of Veterans Transition Resource Center is to provide an open, enjoyable platform where the conversation can flow without the influence of negativity.

Network with others as well as gain the informative and educational resources you need!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Amy Frost @ 702-954-6300 or connect in confidence!

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Care Consultation


Care Consultation is just one of the amazing resources brought to you on behalf of Nevada Senior Services.  This is a free program, offering continued support in regards to your health, quality of care, and overall well-being.  Participants in this program carry out continued phone conversations with care consultant lasting over a 11 month period.  They’ll work with you to create a tailor-made plan to target and address your questions, concerns and treatment options. This is all available to you from the comfort of your very own home! For more information call Celeste @ 702-364-2273 or visit


Build your foundation of support as well as the plan for your future.

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Nevada Talking Book Services

Not only do you have unlimited access to books and magazines in braille- you also have access to unlimited downloads available directly on your favorite android or apple devices- and hey! If you’re looking for a free digital player to listen to your books with ease they even offer that as well! There are two types of players available, one standard and another more advanced model coming equip with bookmarking features and navigation! If you or someone you love has been declared legally blind or visually or physically disable- especially if there’s been a medical diagnosis of a reading disability then you are absolutely qualified for Nevada Talking Book Services! Nevada Talking Book Services even offers lending periods where books are lent out for a period of 90 days, for your enjoyment and everything is mailed free of charge!

To apply for services contact 1-800-922-9334 or visit their website @

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