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Team Build 2017

Communicating on an open level builds mutual understanding as well as trust. Hey, you can’t work at the speech and language clinic and not adhere to efficient communication standards could you? In order to get everyone on the same page you need to be able to me in the middle by creating a common ground. We had a blast at last year‘s team build and can’t wait to participate come this summer! Do clinicians normally get together on weekends to walk the strip and hunt for hotel room keys? We didn’t think so, we’re not your average clinic. #ThrowbackThursday

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Kiddies’ Pal Pediatrics

Además de exámenes físicos para deportes, inmunizaciones y asistencia para el asma y la alergia, Kid’s Ped Pediatric ofrece una multitud de servicios como atención del autismo, evaluaciones de TDAH y evaluaciones de ansiedad y depresión para apoyarlo a usted y su familia. La lista no se detiene allí: visite para obtener más información.

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