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FEAT of Southern Nevada Support Groups

We speak about FEAT of Southern Nevada often.  It is because we both have a shared vision of the importance of supporting this community.  Do you know of a family considering a group home?  Possibly a friend with a child on the spectrum looking for government assistance?  Perhaps you or someone you know is looking for a support group, well we have again chosen to sponsor the monthly support groups for FEAT.

Our company’s core values demand that we demonstrate our commitment to the community we serve.  We walk the walk and talk the talk.  Below is a list of support groups for 2018, these are to take place on the first Thursday of each month beginning at 7:00 pm and ending at 8:30 pm.  Where?  7055 Windy St Las Vegas, NV 89119.

  • February 1st

  • March 1st

  • April 5th

  • May 3rd

  • June 7th

  • July 5th

  • August 2nd

  • September 6th

  • October 4th

  • November 1st

  • December 6th

Join us every month for the most up to date information and resources for parents, caregivers, or interested party’s. Please see our Outreach staff for more information on how we are able to provide you the means to achieve. We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

To showcase our continued support to AFB, and in honor of Helen Keller’s mission to eradicate what millions of Americans who are visually insufficient face daily: we’re sharing with you one of the most valuable resources available to you today.  Have you heard of AFB’s “National Literacy Center”?  The primary ambition of the organization is to advocate and encourage our public to comprehend and conquer the skill of reading Braille.  So many members of the community are reluctant in today’s society to commit to mastering such a skill seeing as all the technological options and advancements available to them today.  But, wouldn’t you agree that being able to read a magazine is sometimes more enjoyable than having one read to you? We couldn’t encourage early literacy enough!  To find more information please contact: AFB Communications Group (212) 502-7674 or email #BrailleLiteracyMonth #CommunicationIsKey

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First the Routine, then the Habit.

When your children have a greater understanding of what your standards and expectations are-then, it makes it that much more rewarding to achieve them.

Take playing with your blocks as an example. This is a great opportunity to not only teach your child to pick up his/her toys after they’ve finished playing- but also, teaches them how to achieve short term goals. For some, a messy pile of blocks wouldn’t be bothersome but to others it could be overwhelming due to a lack of knowing where to begin. Assist your loved one, show them how you would tackle the job at hand, like which blocks you would put away first.

When you’re able to make small steps (like putting away blocks) toward a mutual goal (like keeping your room clean) it makes achieving that goal so much more enjoyable. If you create the routine, you’ll create the habit. Providing the means to achieve, we’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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Assisting your loved one

Assisting your loved one to identify the frustrations in their life can only help guide them to become emotionally well balanced and independent.  For example: say you are living with your father and you notice a hesitance in his speech pattern as well as the way he approaches the obstacles in his path.

You see him fiddling around with his prescriptions suggesting the pharmacy made a mistake with his medication.  Instead of commiserating in the downward spiral of negativism, this may be an opportunity to get on the same level as your loved one and help them rationalize that this too shall pass.  When remembering, walking and talking becomes a challenge, frustration may ensue, having a loved one nearby helps to ease the symptoms.

When we’re comfortable with the things that happen in our lives and who we come in contact with, we’re inviting a more open-minded, accepting and well-balanced lifestyle.

Help to identify the issues your loved ones may be facing today. #CommunicationIsKey

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West Flamingo Senior Center


We’re always talking about how we’re providing others the means to achieve and love doing so but it’s possible you’re only finding out about our company through a friend, and are looking to find more information in real time. Join Sfs Therapies at W. Flamingo Senior Center as we call out bingo and discuss who we are, what we do and why we do it.  January 26th from 9:30 am-10:30 am.  Win prizes and see why Sfs is not your average clinic!  For more information on how you’re able to participate- contact our Vegas Valley Territory Manager Lori Lopez at: (702) 979-4268!

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