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Meet Miss Allie and Miss K!

Healthcare facilities, despite careful planning, at times struggle to ensure consistency of therapy as clinician’s are booked for months in advance. Both patient and clinician availability must find mutual alignment in this “crazy quilt, kaleidoscope” of a world we live in. Afternoons are an exceptional challenge as virtually everyone desires these time to be seen.



We are so excited to welcome three new SLP’s to our growing staff! We are now more able to offer our patients a level of flexibility in appointment scheduling in hopes of matching theirs. Currently we are without a wait list. Have a referral from your doctor? Want to set up an appointment for an evaluation? Call us today and schedule a session with one of our new clinicians! Meet Miss Allie, and Miss “K”! Excited for Miss Rachel to begin with us next month.


 We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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So-long Sippy Cups…

Once a child transitions to a cup with a straw, Ellen suggests cutting down the straw so that the child can just get his lips around it, but can’t anchor his tongue underneath it.

That’s our biggest issue with the sippy-cup: It continues to promote the anterior-posterior movement of the tongue, characteristic of a suckle-like pattern that infants use for breast or bottle feeding.  Sippy cups limit the child’s ability to develop a more mature swallowing pattern, especially with continued use after the first year.  The spout blocks the tongue tip from rising up to the alveolar ridge just above the front teeth and forces the child to continue to push his tongue forward and back as he sucks on the spout to extract the juice.

Say bye bye sippy cup and hello Mr. Straw! Not only are we far from your average clinic- We’re #NotYourAverageClinicians

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Join us in #OurMissionToGive

It’s getting hotter and hotter out there, and for some- water isn’t something that’s readily available.

That’s why SFS Therapies is asking YOU to help us in our #MissionToGive and supply The Las Vegas Rescue Mission with as much water as we possibly can!!

Taking water donations now, through Thursday, August 3rd!  Our offices are open Monday’s through Thursday’s, 8am – 6pm and we are closed for lunch from 1pm-2pm.  LET’S CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE FOR THE BETTER!


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