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Adaptive Recreation

Did you know that the Clark County school District teamed up with Olympic sports club of Las Vegas?  They are doing this to provide our community’s youth with physical disabilities, the means to achieve the sports training they desire and offer them the ability to join competitions throughout southern Nevada.  Their mission is to maximize the potential of all early adults affected by physical disabilities.  Call adaptive recreation today at (702) 229-PLAY or visit and check out the other events being offered in our community!

Swim for the sun in more ways than one-discover the resources available to you. #ThisIsWhatACommunityLooksLike

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Nevada Early Intervention Services

Were you aware the programs being offered by NEIS (Nevada Early Intervention Services) are provided to local families at no cost to them? Not only do they offer a hearing screening program, and early intervention developmental program, specialty clinics, but they also offer screening and monitoring programs which allow children who are currently at high-risk for developmental delay the means and resources they require in order to achieve the progress they desire. Please feel free to reach out to their staff today and inquire about a comprehensive evaluation: (702) 486-9200 walk-ins are also welcome at 1161 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89102. (In some situations Medicaid as well as private insurance companies may be able to cover some services. Please feel free to inquire about more details in regards to billing at 702-486-7670.)

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The Positive Youth Impact of Nevada Partners

The Positive youth impact of Nevada Partners program provides others the means to achieve their maximum potential through various educational resources. these resources help to promote and enhance their basic skills. Everything that the positive youth impact does, helps prepare them to not only enter the workforce but engage in daily opportunities. Offering advice and education in work readiness training, follow-up services, financial literacy, patient skills training, substance prevention and education. Nevada partners has multiple ways of assisting you and your loved ones. Assisting over 70% of the youth in Clark County already, they’ve succeeded in helping them to complete their education.

Open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM please inquire with any questions or concerns at 702-924-2133.

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