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Game Changers and Deal Breakers

The Front Office Staff at a medical facility can either be a game changer, or a deal breaker. Being able to listen to a patients needs while communicating in a confident manner is absolutely vital. We know we never have to worry when our Office Manager Sandra is up in the front conducting a new patient registration. She swims for the sun in more ways than one by being friendly as well as efficient!

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Chispa Nevada


Sure we’re already aware the environment we live in could be cleaner but were you aware that Nevada is home to some of the worst air pollution in the country? Since 2013 our city has been the number one city consistently ranked among the most polluted in our nation. Clean buses Healthy Nino’s is a league of conservation voters that are standing together across the country in an effort to make children’s transportation cleaner around the board. Let your voice be heard by texting 877877 with the opt in word BUSES to receive local updates and necessary resources and information in order to get involved today! For more information, you can contact the Chispa Nevada Director: Rudy Zamora at

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Burnout During the School Day

The number of children and teenagers experiencing burnout during the school day is increasing due to lack of proper nutrition. Avoid the headaches and stomach aches by adding a breakfast bar or bowl of cereal to your morning routine. Proven over and over, children are more able to engage in class, focus on the task at hand if given the proper nutrients before starting the day. Boycott the barbecue chips and other negative food influences affecting your child’s energy. “How can they make a bad choice if you’ve made a good one for them?? Swim for the sun in more ways than one and improve their focus, as well as their health. We’re #NotYourAverageClinic #ConsistencyIsKey

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