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Practice, Participation, and Progress feat. Miss Allie

I had a wise professor in graduate school once tell me, “Home practice is so important. Patients see their clinicians for maybe an hour per week, but they are home the rest of the time.  Just think of how much progress could be made at home!”


Caregivers can sometimes be overwhelmed by the idea of home practice.  It is often assumed that home practice means sitting at the dining room table every night, practicing word after word for an hour.  This just isn’t the case!  Home practice doesn’t have to be difficult or burdening, or even structured!  It can be integrated into everyday activities!  Going to the grocery store?  Have your loved one help create the shopping list and practice saying food items.  Driving? Encourage your loved one to read the directions.  Cooking dinner?  Ask your loved one to help you with the recipe. Watching the news?  Discuss current events.

Any activity can be turned into an opportunity to support language and make progress towards goals.  Talk to our clinicians today about ways to integrate speech therapy into the home!  Practice.  Participation.  Progress.


Providing you the means to achieve as well as insights from our very own Miss Allie!  We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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Happy #NationalNoodleDay!

For #NationalNoodleDay we wanted to talk about an amazing program that helps children engage the world around them with movement and mindfulness!

Fun Fact: it’s actually one of our Clinicians, Miss Rachel’s “old reliable” tool for therapy! Check out the GoNoodle website for more information and see how they can make productivity boosting and behavior improvement an integral part of the day, at school and at home!


Being in the present really is a gift, we’re not your average clinic.

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#ArtFromTheHeart Gracie’s House & New Vista Art Project – Las Vegas Tribute

Gracie’s House and New Vista are joining together and paying tribute to our beloved city as well as those whose lives were forever affected by the deplorable event at the Route 91 Festival on October 1, 2017.

RSVP ARE Required for this event-so PLEASE give them notice you are coming.

Sun, October 8, 2017

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT


New Vista Ranch

7875 North Rainbow Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89131

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For additional information, please contact:  Providing the means to achieve, as our community attempts to heal from this devastating tragedy.



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Good to Feel Appreciated

“I refer many families to SFS Therapies because they don’t have to wait to be seen, and I repeatedly receive excellent feedback on how helpful they are.  I enjoy working with their staff and find them to be astounding in areas such as customer service and parent support.

I will continue to refer my consumers to them, working as a team. I appreciate that SFS Therapies contributes to cover the gap of bilingual services in Southern Nevada by doing a remarkable effort reaching out to uninsured, undeserved and low income families that has children with special needs.  Thank you for supporting all these children to have a better quality of life!”


– Yasodara Cabrera ( Family Ties of Nevada)



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Early Intervention is Key

Language is one of the first things children learn to sequence. Most of them realize that saying certain phrases or words used in proper-conjunction can ensure them positive feedback almost always.

To give you a for instance, “I am thirsty” usually prompts the parent to bring them something to drink.  On the other hand, “thirsty am I” is likely to cause confusion- even if you’re the biggest of Star Wars fans.  As with most things, learning the fundamentals of spoken language and the order in which it is carried out- ultimately trains our mind to properly sequence additional notions and behavior.

The fact is that many children face dilemma’s with spoken language early on.  Perhaps some might say their words slower than others. Perhaps others may use a form of a word incorrectly—“I has wented to the potty.”

In the absence of early intervention (or detection) we are could be creating hurdles.  It’s wonderful if little Ben is the first to raise his hand in class, but if he’s pouring his cereal into the gallon of milk during show and tell…. His parents may want to have a look at that. Providing you with the means to achieve as well as the order in which to do so.  We’re #NotYourAverageClinic

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