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We’re Here to Hear You

Sometimes it seems difficult to decipher as you search for a deaf and heard of hearing specialists. Wait a minute, you think to yourself-is there a difference? There is, and we’re glad you asked. When we refer to deaf patients we’re making a distinction that they are suffering in both terms of expressive language as well as receptive. In addition, it’s a disconnect happening in both ears-and neither can respond to sound. When we refer to our hard of hearing patients , we understand there may be a slight ability to hear but it’s being overwhelmed by another unforeseen factor.

Call our office today and see how our Clinicians are here to hear you: (702) 979-4268. We’re not kidding when we say we provide the means to achieve, we’re #NotYourAverageClinic.#BetterHearingAndSpeechMonth

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Awareness Coffee

Ever heard of Awareness Coffee? We think it’s about time you did! First of all let’s start by saying they are a coffee company, but not your average coffee company by any means. Each year, this thoughtful brand of beans brings to light SIX diversified coffee varieties- all of which have particular organization affiliated with it. Select a few bags from an organization you know or love, or would like to support. At checkout they’ll ask you to vote for your favorite. Head over to their website today to get your hands on some of the most premier packaging around! And hey, along with putting a pep in your step in the mornings, you know you’re money is going to a great cause.

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Legacy Health and Wellness

The caring team at Legacy Health and Wellness has been helping families heal in our valley for some time now. Please feel free to reach out to them at (702) 942-1774 and inquire of their family therapies, alternative team groups, substance-abuse counseling, crisis intervention services and so much more!

Discover their “holistic approach to healing and change“.

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National Provider Appreciation Day


For National Provider Appreciation Day we wanted to send a BIG thank you to the facilities that allow us to provide our patients the means to achieve- day by day, by day by day. We can’t thank you enough and we appreciate all that you do! #NationalProviderAppreciationDay

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Sabía que los programas ofrecidos por NEIS (Nevada Early Intervention Services, (Intervención Temprana) se brindan a las familias locales sin costa para ellos? No solo ofrecen un programa de detección auditiva, un programa de desarrollo de intervenciones tempranas, clínicas especializadas, sino que también ofrecen programas de detección y monitoreo que permiten a los niños que actualmente tienen un alto riesgo de retraso del desarrollo, los medios y recursos que requieren para poder lograr el progreso que desean. Por favor siéntase libre de contactar a su personal hoy y preguntar acerca de una evaluación completa: (702) 786-2000. Personas sin cita también son bienvenidos en 1161 S. Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102. (En algunas situaciones las compañías de seguro Medicaid y privadas pueden cubrir algunos servicios. No dude en solicitar más detalles sobre la facturación al (702) 486-7670).

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