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Primo Prevention


The days since your last fix have been passing and fading together as if you can’t tell them apart. You can feel your body aching all over and when you glance in the mirror at yourself you can easily notice the effects that withdrawal symptoms have had on you. All over your legs and your arms you see bruises and sores from where you’ve been using and even though you know picking up the needle is going to hurt more than anything, it won’t last more than a few moments…it’s nothing worth avoiding.

If you or someone you know is having issues with their use or other opioid addiction give Primo Prevention a call today (985) 359-7848 or visit

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A New Day Adult Daycare

Assistance with personal grooming, communicating in the community around you, monthly adventures are only the beginning of what A New Day Adult Daycare is able to provide you. Inquire about their guidance in creative expression in regards to dancing and musical rhythms.

You won’t regret reaching out- swim for the sun in more ways than one-pick up the phone. (702) 685-1600 or email

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GAP (Geriatric Assessment Program)

There are numerous factors that arise in our lives as we age. Things start to snap, crackle- even pop all over the place. That’s why geriatric examinations are so crucial. They provide the answers you want to your medical questions. All evaluations include an overview of your present or past illnesses as well as any mobility concerns and impaired hearing or sight.

See how they’re able to assist you and your loved one- (702) 648-3425

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Have you heard about Corinne Trenholm (OTR/L)? We needed to take a moment to let you know what she’s all about. Corinne is a licensed Occupational Therapist for Skills2Care and not only does she help guide families through the difficult journey of caring for a loved one with Dementia, she will actually come to your residence to show you how exactly you’re able to implement strategies to improve daily life as a whole. Want to know more about Skills2Care services?

Visit or call (702) 364-2273 #CompassionIsKey

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Compassion Is Key.

It’s 85 degrees out and you’re watching as your mother reaches for her earmuffs and parka. When you ask her if she’s feeling alright she starts to get sad and tear up. You’re at a complete loss for words-but you’re hopeful.

Senior Solutions Group knows exactly what to do to provide your family the support and answers when it comes to your questions. and concerns. If you (or someone you know) has observed a loved one fail to pay bills, fall frequently, do things that don’t seem to make sense or a sudden change in behavior call Senior Solutions Group.

Take a look at their Facebook page for more info! #CompassionIsKey

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