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The Walk to Defeat ALS


“You have ALS.”
“No. No, I don’t.”
We all react differently to the news.
I allowed myself one good cry on the drive home from the doctor’s office after I got the news. And then my Marine training kicked in, and I said to myself, “Adapt and overcome.”
Laurie, my wife, got angry. She screamed because there is no cure. She screamed that we only get two to five years and, “there’s nothing you can do about it.” And then she got sad.

And now we live.

My mom started Team Holeman just four weeks after we got the diagnosis. Our goal was to raise $2,500. We ended up recruiting 86 walkers and raised $12,000 that first year.
And our family is growing. Our second year, we had 114 walkers and raised $18,000. Mom is starting earlier and setting an even higher goal this year, because… well, she’s my mom.
Team Holeman isn’t just a team to me. It’s our family. All the problems I may have, when I get together with the team, they are all gone.
And the fundraising is important.
There are so many clinical trials, and there’s a new medication out now. They may not help me, but they’ll help somebody eventually. And that’s what we want to be a part of.
On my toughest days, I tell myself, “Head held high. Chest stuck out. Do what we gotta do.”
-Jeremy Holeman


Find more powerful stories from those affected by ALS at: We hope to see you at The Walk to Defeat ALS this November! #CaringIsKey #ComingTogetherAsACommunity

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The ABC’s of Special Needs Planning

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for The ABC’s of Special Needs Planning at UNLV from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm. This informative workshop touches on ABLE Accounts, Budget and Transition Planning, Power of Attorney and so much more.

To rsvp for the event please contact: or call 702-368-3328.

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The Lion King Comes to Vegas!


For those “Performing Arts” lovers out there-you are NOT going to want to miss The Lion King at the Smith Center this November! As an extra show of support to our families affected by autism and other special needs, and IN ADDITION to this being a sensory friendly event, ticket prices are at a one time only discounted rate and are extremely affordable!! Make sure to get your seats now, they’re going fast!

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