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Reading Hacks for Parents at Home

Of course reading aloud to an tiny baby is much different than reading to a tiny preschooler. With a baby, you probably won’t make it through to the end of the book. Your baby is going to want to hold the book, chew on it, lick the cover or even try turning pages.


-Make reading together a close cuddly time. Reading before bed may be the perfect time to hold your baby on your lap and cuddle together while you read.

-Don’t worry about reading a book start to finish. It is great if you’re able to, but if your child wants to stop and hold or chew on the book, that is okay too. That is another way infants take in information about their world. Let them touch, smell, feel and see.

-Point out and name pictures. Later ask your baby to find the “cow”, “horse”, etc., when you point to it.

-Increase the length and complexity of books as your child shows interest. By about one year of age, some babies will enjoy hearing a short book with a plot.