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The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

To showcase our continued support to AFB, and in honor of Helen Keller’s mission to eradicate what millions of Americans who are visually insufficient face daily: we’re sharing with you one of the most valuable resources available to you today.  Have you heard of AFB’s “National Literacy Center”?  The primary ambition of the organization is to advocate and encourage our public to comprehend and conquer the skill of reading Braille.  So many members of the community are reluctant in today’s society to commit to mastering such a skill seeing as all the technological options and advancements available to them today.  But, wouldn’t you agree that being able to read a magazine is sometimes more enjoyable than having one read to you? We couldn’t encourage early literacy enough!  To find more information please contact: AFB Communications Group (212) 502-7674 or email #BrailleLiteracyMonth #CommunicationIsKey