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Assisting your loved one

Assisting your loved one to identify the frustrations in their life can only help guide them to become emotionally well balanced and independent.  For example: say you are living with your father and you notice a hesitance in his speech pattern as well as the way he approaches the obstacles in his path.

You see him fiddling around with his prescriptions suggesting the pharmacy made a mistake with his medication.  Instead of commiserating in the downward spiral of negativism, this may be an opportunity to get on the same level as your loved one and help them rationalize that this too shall pass.  When remembering, walking and talking becomes a challenge, frustration may ensue, having a loved one nearby helps to ease the symptoms.

When we’re comfortable with the things that happen in our lives and who we come in contact with, we’re inviting a more open-minded, accepting and well-balanced lifestyle.

Help to identify the issues your loved ones may be facing today. #CommunicationIsKey