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Broca’s & Wernicke’s

In order to better understand Aphasia and how it affects its sufferers, we wanted to share this diagram (Courtesy of Neuroscience & Cloud) displaying the Broca’s area of the brain as well as the Wernicke’s area, the Primary auditory area as well as the motor area. These four parts of our brain are absolutely fundamental to us, in all aspects of speech, language and communication. The Broca’s area is known to be directly-linked to speech production as well as language processing in some cases. The Wenicke’s area focuses more on the actual understanding and comprehension of speech itself. Say you damage the Wernicke’s area of the brain, your process of speech has the possibility of being severely damaged. On the other hand, damage to the Broca’s area may even render you speechless. Find more informative diagrams on recognizing a stroke and the impacts of a stroke at: #ComprehensionIsKey #AphasiaAwarenessMonth