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Acacia Springs- Resort Retirement Living and Assisted Living Oasis

When it comes to looking for individualized services for that senior member of your family- you want to know that you and your loved one isn’t only comfortable but also secure in their living environment. Above all acknowledging the importance their desire to remain independent.

Picture a place where residents can utilize a billiards rooms, computer center, an outdoor heated pool and spa, and even a private movie theater INDEED!

See what sets them apart in the community and don’t forget to ask about their “personal preferences” approach to a normality individualized service! (702) 942-8700

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Taxi Assistance Program

Are you a Nevada resident over the age of 60?  Do you have a steady income?  Well,if the answer to these questions is yes- there’s no reason you should be paying full price for a taxi.  Did we mention persons of any age with a permanent disability also qualify?  Find out how the Taxi Assistance program is tailor-made to treat your transportation needs and how to get your hands on their discounted coupon books!

(702) 486-3581 They definitely are not your average organization when it comes to lending a helping hand to those who need it most.

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Senior Medicare Patrol of Southern Nevada

Hey, Who is that on the phone with your Mother offering her discounted Medicare coverage or asking her for her social security number?  It’s extremely unfortunate when our parents have gotten ill in later years or developed a disease- and all you want is to ensure their maximum independence- calls like this, happening when you’re not around, can be bothersome to say the least.  Nevada SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol of Southern Nevada) empowers seniors to prevent Health care fraud not only to avoid being caught in a scam, but also to retain the confidence within themselves to stand up for what isn’t right.

Contact SMP today to gain insight on what they are able to provide the seniors within our community. (702) 486-3403

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Wellness Symposium

If you or someone you know and love has been affected by Parkinson’s, find the crucial information you require here. In addition to our pals over at “Friends of Parkinson’s”, there will be numerous organizations to help answer your questions and concerns!

Join Pacifica Senior Living San Martin, Healthsouth, Medtronic and more Saturday February 24th from 9 am-3 pm at Roseman University (11 Sunset Way Henderson, NV 89104). You are also welcome to call and inquire for more information!

(702) 381-4141 or visit their website:

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What does a meltdown feel like when you’re on the spectrum?

What does the other side of a meltdown feel like when the person having the meltdown has autism? It’s never just about dropping an action-figure or not being able to press the button on an elevator wall. When they have a meltdown, it’s as if something of paramount importance has been taken, lost, or stolen.


Everything is too much and they feel overwhelmed and powerless. It’s not the action-figure falling on the ground, rather it’s a build-up of things that may have recently happened. It’s just, that toy was the last thing that person could control. Pressing that elevator button was one of the limited joys that person may have. They want interaction in their universe what ever that means to them and when it’s lost, it’s tragic. Often or always that internal struggle is invisible to all who witness the meltdown.

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