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Touro University Nevada


Located near the Auto Show Mall in Henderson- The Health Center at Touro University is now accepting new patients! Better yet, they accept most insurances as well, including Medicaid and Medicare! Call them today to inquire of their availability- (702) 777-4809 or visit their website at

(photo courtesy of Touro University Nevada – Touro College)

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Plans of Care

Sure, we all have our tough days-but ensuring you’re participating in consistent therapy will do nothing but benefit you. In addition to “getting what you paid for” you’re also cultivating a grander bond between you and your Speech-Language Pathologist. In reality, you won’t see much progression if you’re not here participating. We couldn’t be more appreciative to the patients and parents who are continuously supporting their “Plans of care” and showing up to their appointments- on time and ready to work. Patients you can set a clock by? Yeah, we’re definitely not your average clinic.

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When I hear “Swim for the Sun in More Ways Than One…”

“When I hear “Swim for the sun in more ways than one” I not only hear a challenge, but a goal, and moreover, a purpose for my day. I know that when I am preparing posts to publish to Social Media, wiping fingerprints off the counter tops, or calling provider offices to follow up on paperwork; I’m doing exactly that. I start my day seeing how many opportunities I’m able meet-and then I meet them.”

-Brittany Lopez Social Media Manager #ClevelandClinicWithMrB #FlashbackFriday

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Awareness Coffee

Ever heard of Awareness Coffee? We think it’s about time you did! First of all let’s start by saying they are a coffee company, but not your average coffee company by any means. Each year, this thoughtful brand of beans brings to light SIX diversified coffee varieties- all of which have particular organization affiliated with it. Select a few bags from an organization you know or love, or would like to support. At checkout they’ll ask you to vote for your favorite. Head over to their website today to get your hands on some of the most premier packaging around! And hey, along with putting a pep in your step in the mornings, you know you’re money is going to a great cause.

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