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National Back to School Month

Keep the chaos and the clutter in your kiddo’s backpack to a minimum by creating an organization system your family can easily recognize and follow. Never worry about a homework’s priority again by filing more important assignments at the top, and those with lower or looser deadlines towards the bottom. We love this example shared by HGTV on Pinterest! Find more inspiration online at or by searching school organization tips on Google! #PreparationIsKey#NationalBackToSchoolMonth

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Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

If you’re interested or inquiring about special education for your child, you’re able to communicate this to your child’s school principal and let them know you’d like to know more about having an evaluation of your child. Once your request or interest has been made public, they have 45 calendar days to reply back informing you when they will provide the evaluation-or if they’re unable to and why. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada has been offering their guidance and support to blue collar Nevadan’s since 1958.

Call to inquire on how they’re able to provide you the legal council you desire at: (702) 386-1070. Swim for the sun in more ways than one, and reach out.

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Honor Flight Southern Nevada

Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t until 2004 that the memorial for WW II hit the mark of completion. There are more and more seniors who are unable to witness or make the trip to see the memorial as they were already in their early 80’s in 2004 as it was finishing up. Honor Flight Southern Nevada is making it possible for these veterans to fly to not only see these sites free of charge, doing so safely escorted. Call them today and inquire of their September trip (happening from the 7th to the 9th): (702) 749-5912. They take flight in October as well and availability won’t last long! Visit for more!

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Life After Active Duty

Were you aware there are over 2.5 Million veterans (serving after September 11th) who are either inactive or active in the workforce? “Life After Active Duty” makes it possible for you to enter back into the workforce with supportive and understanding professionals prepared to help. Call today to inquire: (702) 497-8744 or feel free to email them as well at:

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