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First the Routine, then the Habit.

When your children have a greater understanding of what your standards and expectations are-then, it makes it that much more rewarding to achieve them.

Take playing with your blocks as an example. This is a great opportunity to not only teach your child to pick up his/her toys after they’ve finished playing- but also, teaches them how to achieve short term goals. For some, a messy pile of blocks wouldn’t be bothersome but to others it could be overwhelming due to a lack of knowing where to begin. Assist your loved one, show them how you would tackle the job at hand, like which blocks you would put away first.

When you’re able to make small steps (like putting away blocks) toward a mutual goal (like keeping your room clean) it makes achieving that goal so much more enjoyable. If you create the routine, you’ll create the habit. Providing the means to achieve, we’re #NotYourAverageClinic