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Hearing Aid Tips for #BetterHearingAndSpeechMonth

When you think about the efficiency of sunglasses to block out sunlight, you are simultaneously understanding that almost as soon as you put them on you will experience immediate relief. Take a magnifying glass, or a pair of scissors- these are also tools you know (or at least expect) to work as instantly as you reach for them. Hearing Aids however, that’s another story. For a suffer of hearing loss or someone just getting used to their new hearing aid- the experience isn’t going to be black one minute and white the next. In cases with hearing aids, there is much to do about the grey in the middle. In celebration of Better Hearing and Speech month, we wanted to share with you two (easy to overlook, but very important) hearing aid tips to help you—-well, hear better. That’s the point after all isn’t it?

1) If you are new to hearing aids- wear them as often as possible even when you don’t necessarily need to. Through continuous conditioning, the relationship with your ears, your brain, and your hearing aids will only stand to improve. When you’re constantly putting them on, and taking them off it won’t only interrupt your focus but it’s also going to weaken that relationship.

2) Maintain a level head. Negative thinking breeds negative thinking so try to refrain from cursing the device and throwing it across the room. The sooner you accept it’s there to provide you the means to hear, the sooner you’ll be hearing the world around you at a comfortable volume.

We’re swimming for the sun in more ways than one by being here to hear you. How are you swimming? #BetterHearingAndSpeechMonth