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Imaginative Play

Whatever happened to imaginative play? Remember setting the sheets across your living room in hopes to create the world’s most tremendous tent, or carefully tiptoeing from tables to chairs to avoid the molten lava on the floor from getting you? Perhaps not, but most of us are familiar with creating adventure with limited resources. Today more and more children are experiencing introductions to technology at astonishing early ages. Ever seen a 2 year old with a tablet? Our Clinicians suggests limiting the devices available to your child and engaging in creative play possibly in the form of a kitchen set, or a grocery store. What your child loves can be used as a great to play, and improve on their speech,language an communication. Forget the TV as the babysitter and see what goals you and your family can reach with actively engaging the mind. Remember, we’re sharing insider tips all month long so don’t forget to check back for more! #BackToSchoolMonth#EarlyInterventionIsKey