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Have you heard about Corinne Trenholm (OTR/L)? We needed to take a moment to let you know what she’s all about. Corinne is a licensed Occupational Therapist for Skills2Care and not only does she help guide families through the difficult journey of caring for a loved one with Dementia, she will actually come to your residence to show you how exactly you’re able to implement strategies to improve daily life as a whole. Want to know more about Skills2Care services?

Visit or call (702) 364-2273 #CompassionIsKey

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Compassion Is Key.

It’s 85 degrees out and you’re watching as your mother reaches for her earmuffs and parka. When you ask her if she’s feeling alright she starts to get sad and tear up. You’re at a complete loss for words-but you’re hopeful.

Senior Solutions Group knows exactly what to do to provide your family the support and answers when it comes to your questions. and concerns. If you (or someone you know) has observed a loved one fail to pay bills, fall frequently, do things that don’t seem to make sense or a sudden change in behavior call Senior Solutions Group.

Take a look at their Facebook page for more info! #CompassionIsKey

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Senior Solutions Group

Senior Solutions Group Offers many resources to their client’s.  Along with financial assistance they offer important information to help with arranging funeral plans, guardianship, ensuring comfortable housing and benefits.  To find out more on co guardianship with out of state family members or care management and placement contact Senior Solutions Group today at (702) 966-6326 or request to meet for a consultation:

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Cleveland Clinic’s “Resource Refresher”

Happening the 7th of next month, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is offering a “resource refresher” an outlet for not only families of patients suffering but for patients as well as friends and caregivers alike.  Feel secure and supported hearing first hand necessary information and community resources from Lou Ruvo’s care team.  They’re even offering attendees deep breath engagement-literally.  There will be a yoga instructor there to guide the group.  More often than not patients and families affected are left to deal with diagnosis’s alone or without the crucial advice and support necessary to alleviate and ease the process.  From 6:00 pm-7:30 pm March 7th “Reacquaint with Ruvo” and converse with the fellow members of our community to find the sources that speak to you.

To register for the event early follow the link below! Provide your loved one the means to achieve on their journey-

Swim for the sun in more ways than one-engage. #CommunicationIsKey

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Financial Guidance Center



Tax time is here! Don’t you want the most bang for your bucks?  FGC couldn’t agree more.  Financial Guidance Center (FGC) is offering FREE (we said it) tax preparation assistance as well as electronic filing!  First come, first served- this means no appointments.  Take advantage and find the tools to provide your family with the means to achieve.  Hurry while the site is available-assistance is only being offered until April 16th!

Call (702) 364-0344 to see what’s required to participate or to inquire about more information!

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