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Power of the Whiteboard- Family Time Management Tool

Use of a whiteboard is great support for getting tasks completed.  They keep a to-do list in sight and can help with productivity and fewer family conflicts.


– Placement is key

– keep it in sight where everyone will walk past it often and one that you can put away when guests come over

– Assign every family member his or her own section or color marker

– List in your section what you need and want to do on that day or weekend

– Estimate spaces of time to spend on each task

– Visually represent that space of time with a small circle to resemble the face of an analog clock. For example, if an activity will take an hour, color the whole circle, if it will take 15 minutes, color in one fourth of the circle etc. So if an activity or event will take two and a half hours, you would draw two circles completely filled in, followed by a circle filled in halfway.

– After you complete a task, cross it off.

This helps everyone else in the family see what each person needs to do and what they have completed.

– Extra bonus: This whiteboard could also be used to monitor the status of homework, without constant nagging.

– Give praise when the work gets done!

– If it isn’t getting done, avoid going to the yelling mode, instead breathe deep, pause and remember task initiation- just getting started- is an executive skill many children struggle with.

– Suggestion: Say to your child “Hey, I was walking past the whiteboard and noticed you haven’t started your homework. What can I do to help you get started? Or Is there anything I can do to help you get started?” Maybe your child is confused and needs clarification before they feel they can get started. This could help clear that up.

– Avoid using the board like a parents list for the child or other family members. Everyone in the family should be writing and checking off their own list, even if you might be assisting with adding items to your child’s list. This is how independent time-management skills develop! #CognitionCorner #MissRachel #NotYourAverageClinicians