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Speech and Language Therapy

Accent Reduction

An accent occurs when the rules of one language influences the production of another; an accent is a difference and not a language or speech disorder. Many people take pride in their accent and do not consider their culturally influenced speech a concern.  However, sometimes an accent can affect the way you are understood in the workplace or classroom as well as in retail stores, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and more.  You may have encountered people unable to understand you or those who focus more on your accent than on your message.  You also might have felt frustration at having to repeat yourself or you might avoid social interaction with those who don’t understand you. If any of those situations apply to you, accent modification therapy can give you the tools to modify and reduce your foreign or regional accent to make your speech easier to understand.



*Whereas speaking with an accent may be problematic for some, it is not a speech language disorder and will not be covered by insurance.
  Please speak with our front office regarding payment options.