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Supply and Demand

We get it, we really do… On your end of the receiver, you hear a busy signal or a voicemail greeting asking you to leave a message. On our end of the receiver, we are fielding phone calls from insurance companies, doctors offices, hospitals, patients, state agencies and more. Each day we are handling more and more phone calls involving everything from new regulatory demands to updated prescription information, as well as concerns from sick patients, and billing issues—and lately, as our practice grows (specifically the increase in our clinical staff) we are hearing from more and more patients regarding our appointment availability.

Supply and Demand… There are only some many of us available at any one time to answer the telephones as well as interact in person with each of our patients or caregivers. We are not complaining… We love the additional work and the additional responsibilities, it tells us that we are clearly doing something right. What we are doing is asking for a little bit of patience. If you do get a voicemail greeting asking you to leave a message or our receptionist tells you that all staff is currently busy could you please hold, or if you could please leave us a message, please do just that. We pride ourselves in returning all messages within 24 hours. If you ask us to call you back, we will… That’s a promise..