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What to Expect

Our Facility

SFS Therapies feels more like a home than a medical facility and that’s how we like it.  Our facility is warm, comfortable, and calm – not industrial, institutional, or cold. Since our practice treats patients throughout the entire scope of life we have made the space appealing to both children and seniors.  If our waiting area ever becomes a little too loud or a little too active for some of our patients who prefer a quieter and more relaxed space, then we have other areas within our facility where they can wait until they are called in for their therapy appointment. In any event, our facility is a safe and nurturing environment where people may come and receive the help or strategies they need to continue to achieve what they wish in life and reach the goals which are set before them.

First Contact

If we are first introduced to you by your primary care physician or other specialist, or if you have sought our services and are calling to find out more about us then, our front office staff will be glad to explain to you what we do, how we do it and how you may participate. Towards the end of that conversation (depending on if you wish to participate in our services), the front office will seek to collect some demographic information from you to begin the appointment scheduling process. This collection of information is vital because we are a medical practice and it is important to make sure that all medical history and other provider information is accurate and current. They will also be asking you for a brief description of what the current situation or “chief complaint” is, and how it affects the life of the patient and their immediate family. Finally, our front office will collect your insurance information to verify coverages and schedule a follow up phone call to discuss copayment, coinsurance, deductibles, and appointment availability with you.

Follow up Phone Call

We will reach out to you and make you aware of our discussions with your insurance company as well as any conversations we’ve had with your primary care providers and/or other specialists. If we haven’t received a response from your other providers, we may even ask for your assistance in collecting the medical information we need to process or complete the evaluation. After all the documentation is in place and we have the approval from your insurance company (if it is required) to proceed, we will set up the appointment as soon as there is availability that works with your schedule as well as ours. These evaluation appointments are usually scheduled in the mornings before noon. We do want to make sure that if an evaluation is performed and it is determined that therapy services are necessary, that we mutually have the time available for these services. Our front office will go over general appointment times with you to make sure that the times that we have available will work with your schedule.  Whereas we would like to help everyone, that simply isn’t practical and it is usually due to conflicting schedules.

The Evaluation Process

Please plan on 1-1/2 to 2 hours for this appointment, there are many aspects to an evaluation including face to face interaction with the therapist, as well as assessment testing, and assessment questionnaires and rating forms which are commonly filled out by parents or caregivers and must be completed in our office. This process seeks to gain as much information about the patient as possible, so please be patient as we will be asking a lot of questions about medical history, current status of functional skills, social history, and other relevant aspects of the patients life. If the evaluation is for a child, the therapist may ask the parents to wait in the waiting room allowing the therapists a chance to develop a rapport with the child. Our therapists are a lot of fun and skilled at making children feel at ease during the appointment. At some point the parents will be asked to join the session so the therapist may get an overall perspective of the child and their current status. If the evaluation is for an adult that is utilizing caregivers or other attendants, then they too would be asked to join the session at some point to offer additional perspective for the therapist.

After the Evaluation

Please allow 2 weeks for our therapists and staff to develop the evaluation report with recommendations and a treatment plan. Once the report is complete it will be forwarded to your referring physician and if therapy is medically necessary it will accompany a request for a prescription for therapy identical to the plan of care outlined in the report. Once the prescription for therapy is received from the referring physician, our front office staff will once again reach out to you to begin scheduling your therapy appointments as well as answer any questions you may have regarding our services, appointment availability, etc. If you have specific questions regarding the evaluation or the report that was generated as a result of the evaluation, our therapists will discuss that with you once you return to our office.